It's Official - Prints Completed

All in one day I've tackled and completed several of my projects: I've "balanced" my checkbook - and yes those quotes are required - I paid my bills, made a good Easter dinner for my family, and I've finished the 8/8 block prints for Printer's Unite!'s Inky Sound Exchange. All in all a good day's work. I think I'll work on my jelly fish tonight.The tendrals are already complete, I just have to work on the glow-in-the-dark cap.

Sometimes I psych my self out. I want to work on something, but am so afraid I'll mess it up. I do my best work when I don't really care anymore. I tend to overthink things (gee, really?!?) Today was one of those devil may care types. So, I got a lot done. Back to work tomorrow, but the snow is almost melted again.

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