Linoleum Block & original Sketch

Linoleum Block & original Sketch, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

So, the last couple posts have been pretty negative. I purchased a book by Thich Nhat Hahn. ( This is how I remember his name: Thick, but without the k, N-hat, Hahn is the street my grandmother lived on - this way of remembering takes so long that when I try to tell someone this author's name I sit there stunned until I can go through that thought process - then I still can't pronounce it correctly) Anywho, It is entitled, "Anger." I've only read the firs few pages, but basically he says not maintain anger or hatred. As soon as anger and hatred arise, he teaches to practice the meditation on compassion in order to deeply understand the persons who have caused anger and hatred and learn to look at other beings with the eyes of compassion. I like his writing style. He writes as if speaking to a child He uses simple sentences and reiterates ideas incessantly. Not to say that is a bad thing. The words he uses are simplistic, but the message is so layered and multi-faceted that it would take years of discipline to accomplish. Reading and agreeing with a message is one thing, living and deeply understanding that message is quite another. These were the thoughts I had as I created my linoleum print block before going to sleep at night. You can see my bed sheets in the photo in the early morning hours the next day. My bedroom is becoming quite a studio.

I signed up for a print exchange thanks to a friend. It is my first linoleum block and my second print ever. I can't wait to get some ink and try it out. I'm thinking white, black with hand painted watercolor in orange/red. We'll see how it turns out!

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