Gardening: IF (Lavender Wreath)

Gardening: IF (Lavender Wreath), originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Illustration Friday

I'm dreaming of planting lavender in the garden this year. I've heard that it is hard to grow, but it seems to be doing well in my yard, so I'm going to put it everywhere. Gone will the be yarrow, balloon plant, white daisies and misc stuff that I put in my garden since I've moved in. Here are some hints: #1buy enough of one plant to make a "clump" then arrange these clumps with walkways between so weeding will be easy, #2 don't buy plants that say "grows like crazy," or "spreads easily" it will. Add you own gardening hints in the comments section.

Created original portion as a vector in Illustrator CS2, then manipulated it in Photoshop, COPYRIGHT, 2008.

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