I felt pretty good this morning after having a haircut last night by the best stylist in the world, Stephanie at Dolce Vita. She is the ONLY stylist that has ever made my hair look decent and polished. P. is off today, J. went to school no problem and it was just me and my puppy for an hour by ourselves as I was getting ready for work. The sun in shining (finally) and I hear tell that the temperature may be above freezing on Sunday. I hope, I hope, I hope! It will feel like a heatwave. Every morning this past week I have awakened to sparrows singing. They know that Spring is just around the corner. The energy is rising in the world around me like sap flowing in a tree and I can feel it. Little things like taking a shower in the morning with *gasp* sunlight shining through the window, the buds of trees are looking ever so slightly more green, the squirrels are acting squirrelie, there is still sunlight when I leave work at night. Soon, very soon... Have you read the Chronicles of Narnia? Remember when they said, "Aslan is on the move!"? This feeling is what C.S. Lewis must have been describing: anticipation, excitement, hope, renewal. YAY!

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