Biomorphic Pendant

At the last Maker's Art Group meeting I came across the cover project for Art Jewelry Magazine entitled, "Create a Hybrid Focal Piece with Wire and Polymer Clay" and was enraptured. Although I haven't worked with polymer clay before, I looked the project over and thought it was doable.

My tiny 10'x8' bedroom has become my studio. Everything I need (except a blowtorch) is organized in neat little boxes: one for acrylics, one for tools, another for drawing, etc. Whenever I start a new project, another box comes out or is created. In this case, I have a brand new polymer clay box with brand new tools and clay. Exciting... new box equals new possiblities!

The magazine suggested that it was based on a seed pod design, but I saw more of an angry red squid, so I went with that. I used raw copper wire instead of the suggested plastic coated type. The instructions called for a type of smooth gradient achieved with a pasta machine. (Mine didn't work out so well, but I enjoy the stripes created as a happy accident. I'll have to practise that technique a bit more.) I also filled the interior cavity with seashells and a copper spiral attached to the endcap. Now that it is finished, my mind is racing on different applications.

Meanwhile my lastest painting went horribly wrong. Thank goodness acrylics are workable, I'll be fixing that tonight. When it is finished, it will illustrate another story from my history. I can't wait to share it with ya'll, but it takes time.

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