Enough Already!

Enough Already!, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

My neighbor only parks on our side of the street when there is a snowstorm. That way his side of the street is plowed clear while the snowplow dumps all the snow into our driveway where I have to shovel it out before being able to take my son to school and take myself to work. Normally it is a minor inconvenience, but with this year's snowfall - numerous and heavy - this last storm was the last straw. I had to shovel out a 4.5 foot tall by 6 feet wide by 4 foot deep snow heap... and I put it all in behind the neighbor's truck. He asked me if there was a problem and I said, why, yes, there was. Words were exchanged to put it politely. He will most likely do the same with any remaining snowstorms, but I am writing up a plan for the city to review showing why no one should park on one side of the street after a 2-inch snowfall. No one else parks on the street - just this guy. It would be easier for the plows to remove the snow and easier for people to navigate on the street. Hopefully NEXT year I won't have to go through this anymore. There are notes in the picture on my Flickr. UPDATE: It is the following day and all the muscles in my back, hammies and wrists are painfully knotted up. Geez, I can't wait to see how I feel tomorrow. OUCH!


robayre said...

Cheers to you for taking action. That made me so furious when I heard that this neighbor does that, that I wanted to march over there and tell him off. So, I'm glad you finally did tell them how you felt. It is completely rude and self centered of them to do what they are doing.
Maybe from now on, when it snows, you should park your own cars on the street, in the place he would normally park and just wait until he has parked his car else where before going back out and moving your car to your driveway. If you need more cars to park in front of your house, just let me know, I'll be glad to park it there and matt can drive me home, lol.

pejnolan said...

Righteous Indignation-ers Unite!