"Koi Climbing The Waterfall"

Koi Climbing Up The Waterfall, originally uploaded by pejnolan.
So much has happened. It is hard to keep up! First, this is the finished product for the "Inspired by Japan" Reliefs for Relief project. This project has been set up by the printmakers of the Baren Forum. The prints will travel to galleries all around the globe and their portfolios will be sold to raise funds for Peace Winds to the people of Japan affected by the tsunami and earthquake.
Original sketch and color idea.
key block
I read a Chinese legend known in Japan as Koi-no-Takinobori. In this story carp swim, against all odds, up a waterfall known as the "Dragon Gate" at the headwaters of China's Yellow River. The gods are very impressed by the feat, and rewarded the carp by turning them into powerful dragons.

The story symbolizes the virtues of courage, effort and perseverance. These herculean virtues are being found today in the hearts of the affected people of Japan in the face of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster of 2011.

I am very proud of this piece since it is my very first true moku hanga print using watercolor as ink.

At Spudnik Press, I learned this technique from Matthew Messer. Although I am still working on the Cave Point Park print from the class, I went ahead and used the technique on my own.

Moku Hanga class in progress at Spudnik Press, Chicago, IL.
Speaking of Spudnik, I just applied for their fall residency program. I'm excited about this opportunity and really hope that I am chosen. The resident will be announced sometime in July and it begins august 1st. I'm so excited because this feels like a good next step to push myself and explore my artwork for fully. There is a stipend for materials, studio space at their facilities and a gallery show with reception upon completion of the residency. So, keep your fingers crossed for me!

This past weekend was the Ellwood House Art Show. There were far fewer booths this year. One reason for this is because of the economy - no one has extra cash for the nice-ities of life. Another reason was that many people were juried out of the show. There is a new director and he wants it to be a fine art and fine craft show. Thank goodness!! Someone with the balls to say no to flea market items. He is going to keep a high standard.
These are my tools on the table with Al Stark's prints in the background. We shared a booth.

Because of the fewer booths, Al and I had more people with time to stop by and talk about the process of printmaking. I loved it! My brother and I shared a booth this year to cut down on costs.  It was a wonderful show with perfect weather! The following day, the Fourth of July, I was so exhausted that I went to bed before dark and missed the fireworks. 

For everyone who read the previous post about my mom, her arms are healing nicely and she no longer needs a brace. She is driving and living at her own place now. Thank you for all your well-wishes for her speedy recovery!

A "naked" frog ready to paint!
I'm painting a fiberglass frog for the "Frogs for a Cause" to benefit the Kishwaukee Community Hospital Wellness Program. You might remember from 2008 when I took part in the "Huskies on Parade" project. The frog is for the same client and they want the look and feel of the frog to be similar to the existing huskie. It is kind of a craftsman / steam punk look.

Lavendar from my garden. Umm... what a relaxing scent!
PS: I think this is my favorite photo all year. 
I haven't had much time outdoors, I've been so busy! I'm wasting my summer months working! I am looking forward to going up to Door County next week for Plum Bottom Pottery's Open House on Thursday, July 14th. I have some new work to show Chad and am thrilled to be demonstrating my printmaking techniques. When I'm not helping to set up for the party, I'll be ambling through the backwoods and preserves of Door County taking some awesome reference photos.

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Your Koi print is absolutely stunning, just love it.