Finally! Cave Point Park - Moku Hanga Version from Class

Finally, I have the finished version of the moku hanga Cave Point Park 4-block woodblock relief print from the class at Spudnik Press.

I don't think it has the flow of my previous work, but that is because I used the knife tool instead of the U-gouge to make the cuts. I was just getting used to the abilities of the new tool.

The best part about it is the gradient from sky blue to light green in the water. I also like the texture in the trees - that area is the closest to my previous work.

I go up to Door County tomorrow to attend the Plum Bottom Pottery Open House on Thursday, July 14th. It would be fantastic to meet you there!

Title: Cave Point Park
Edition Size: 10
Print Dimensions: 6" w x 8" h
Paper Dimensions: 8" w x 10" h
Ink: watercolor
Woodblock: Shina
Paper: Kozoshi
Artist: Erin K. Nolan
Dated: 07.2011

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