Goals: 2011

PEJNOLAN Studio Goals for 2011

  • Set aside Sundays for family time
  • Go to church every week
  • Save for a car
  • Reduce extraneous demands on time by learning to say, "No."
  • All day Saturday 8 am - 10 pm will be designated studio time.
  • Produce one LARGE format, multiblock Moku Hanga print.
  • Create at least one completed, editioned print per month
  • Show at 2 outdoor art shows
  • Continue with Art of the Land
  • Enter 4 regional or national printmaking/art exhibits
  • Challenge myself technically and with creating compositions.
  • Wednesday evenings after dinner, 7pm - 9pm will be set aside for paying bills/accounting/taxes.
  • Get back into selling on Etsy.com!! I'm missing the support, camaraderie, and sales.
  • Start a savings account under the business name.
  • Obtain commercial insurance for the business to protect the investment I've made in my artwork, supplies, etc.
  • Create and maintain a log of individual prints within an edition, where they are, which ones have been purchased, etc.
  • Attend a class on Moku Hanga. If anyone knows where I can take a class, please message me.
  • Begin a library of relief printmaking techniques
  • Resize images at www.erinknolan.com to make the site load faster.
  • Create a calendar solely for the business so I don't over-extend myself and double-book.
  • Create a mailing list to invite people to shows.
  • Create a certificate of authenticity for each print purchased which states the title, ink type, paper type, date of printing, artist name, back story of the piece, etc.
  • Build the professional relationship with Chad Luberger at Plum Bottom Pottery by attending as many of his open houses as possible in Egg Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin.

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