2010 - Documented

• showed at Rockford Midwestern Biennial
• finally found the Great Horned Owl nest at the NIU lagoon
• created “Dragonfly: A Reason to Believe” print
• interviewed with Huckleberry Bumpkin blog

• created “Blue Heron” print
• felt an earthquake in Illinois!
• created “Bird in Berry Tree” print
• gave lecture and demonstration at the Oak Crest Retirement home
• story in Resource Magazine about Al & I as printmakers

• KVAL exhibits at the Next Picture Show in Dixon, IL
• PEJNOLAN Studios was official started!
• Interviewed on Mary Richmond Design blog
• showed at Art Woman national show in Woodstock, IL

• created “Spring Cherry Blossoms”
• showed at Venus Envy in Davenport, IA, was in their TV and radio ads, and was
the highest scored entry

• created “Lady’s Slipper from the Ridges” print
• Interviewed by Epheriell Designs
• Northern Illinois Art Show in Sycamore, IL

• created “Mr. Anderson’s Magnolia” print
• solo show - “Naturescapes” at Bliss Beads in DeKalb
• Won “Bacon Hiaku” context on 6 degrees of Etsy
• created “Snail After the Rain” print
• Interviewed for story with the DeKalb Daily Chronicle
• Joined the DeKalb Area Outdoor and Social Activities Meetup Group
• created “Japanese Beetle” print
• became president of the Kishwaukee Valley Art League

• on the cover of KNOCK Magazine: Door County’s Literary Arts Magazine
• Ellwood House Art Show in DeKalb, IL
• Midwest Museum of Natural History Art Fair

• canoed the Fox River
• Vacation in Door County
• Received Gallery Representation with Plum Bottom Pottery
• created “Ecosystem of a Log” print

• delivered framed prints to Plum Bottom Pottery
• participated in Art Walk in Sycamore, IL
• participated in Art of the Land - a benefit for The Land Conservancy

• created “Forest Floor” print
• created “What a Tangled Web We Weave” print
• created “Birch Forest in Autumn” print
• participated in the KVAL Border’s Art Show

• joint show “cricket & sparrow” at Kishwaukee College
• showing prints at the Midwest Museum of Natural History
• Resource Bank pen and ink commission
• went to Chicago to see the SOFA and INTUIT shows at Navy Pier

• KVAL Show at the Egyptian Theatre
• Selling holiday artwork at Bliss Beads
• created “Year of the Rabbit”
• created “Ginger Root”
• created “Fir Boughs”
• created “Partridge in a Pear”

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