A Weekend in the Life...

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Saturday I met with Al and El to discuss a college gallery show proposal at Shawn's, a local restaurant. I had the best Peach-Pear smoothie. After some decisions were made, we went on a hunt for the local Agrari Gallery which turned out to be a conference center with wall space. Not quite the gallery situation I was thinking of, but it is a start for this area!

Al and El wanted to go to Blumen Gardens, so I agreed to some with and I'm so glad I did! I had no idea this beautiful space was here right in Sycamore! The photo above shows a succulent garden on the roof of a small shed. NPR, was being piped from inside. We wandered around and looked at the beautiful plants. Sunflowers were everywhere and they, along with some other gorgeous flowers, attracted butterflies and moths of all types. We even saw a hummingbird moth. Al got a good photo of it.

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Then it was off to the studio. I hadn't been in there since the summer shows! It was a mess. I cleaned and straightened and organized. Now it is ready to roll.

Sunday Maria, El, and I went shopping at , a local farm market. I hadn't been there before either. I'd passed it several times in the past, but just had never stopped. Again, I'm so glad we went! You wouldn't believe the great prices! 75 cents for a huge, fresh red pepper! Crazy! Our idea was to shop, then come back and cook a meal together. That's exactly what we did. El provided with best bi-color sweet corn and some yummy cake batter flavored iced drinks and crusty bread. Maria made roasted red peppers, a tomato-potato-jalapeno dish& salsa. I made a zuchini-leek-squash dish with parmesan and feta cheeses. We also had salmon burgers and pork patties.

After that it was straight back to the studio to take advantage of the clean-up the day before. I started a new block showing the bog at the Ridges in Door County.

The Ridges Bog

This morning, J. started his senior year at school. I really am praying he will do well. (You can pray too, if you're generous and the praying sort.) His birthday is this week and I'm hoping to make cupcakes decorated as sushi rolls. I thought if I used green fondant for the nori and rolled little bits of fondant for the rice, it could be good! This coming weekend, we'll be taking him to the Ju-Rin in Geneva for lunch.

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