Canoeing on the Fox River at Wedron

Canoeing on the Fox at Wedron, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Recently I joined a Meetup.com group whose purpose is to do outdoor activities together. July I wasn't able to do much with them, but now that the shows are over I'm hoping to become more active.

I've never canoed before, but it seemed to come naturally. Maybe that is because I used to go fishing on a boat with my brothers and father. We did a12 mile ride. My arms were so sore afterward, but it was completely worth it! I want to go again soon.

I was hoping to get some good reference photos for prints. Earlier in the year they group had seen a heron's rookery, an eagle's nest and many turkey vultures roosting in old, dead trees. The only animals I saw were some livestock cooling off in a creek that drained into the river.

The colors and textures reminded me of Door County, but the bluffs were smooth and looked painted. The trees were different types than up north as well, so the greens were not the same. The river is green and murky. Teenagers were jumping off the bluffs into the water below. I cringed every time they did so. I guess I watch too much Lifetime TV. I was frightened for what could happen to them.

It really was a wonderful day. I can't wait to paddle a canoe again!

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