And the winner is....

Thank you to everyone who entered the ""Etsy Partnerships are Wonderful" Blog Giveaway!! I love meeting new friends. The winner was chosen by a highly scientific method: for this method I printed out names onto an of 8.5 x 11 sheet of 20# paper. The names were then cut into evenly sized long strips and folded kittywampus. A bowl made by the hands of potter, Michael J. Gesiakowski was placed on a flat surface (my sofa) and the papers were thrown up into the air. They helicoptered down. Those that landed in the bowl were tossed up once again and again until only a single piece hit its mark... for there can be only one. (Geek alert: Lord of the Rings reference.) Drumroll, please! The winner is... ahem... BARB! Congratulations, Barb! It's in the mail!


paper snowflakes and gingerbread men

paper snowflakes, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I did not go into the studio (yet again). Inspiration seems to have left me for the time being. Instead I went with my husband and son to cut our Christmas tree. It is late in the year to be buying a Christmas tree. The workers are the tree farm were building snowmen because they were a bit bored. Little snowmen 2 feet tall and a big snowman that may have been too ambitious. They were still trying to lift the middle section onto the base as we left. Three people were trying to work together and still having a hard time lifting it!

This year we chose a balsam and it fills the house with such a wonderful scent. After we brought it home, I did the lights and they decorated it with my collection of German glass ornaments. New additions for this year were a squirrel, an orance slice and an indigo bunting bird.

There are no presents under the tree yet. We plan on going shopping for gifts next weekend after payday.

When decorations were done we decorated gingerbread men together. My son ended up eating all his right away. He said he felt bad that his didn't look like mine, so he ate them instead. After that I made snowflakes. My husband even made one, but he wanted it on another window, not next to mine. Sorry guys! I didn't know I was so intimidating!


A Nice Sunday

This morning I went to breakfast with Paul and Jacob, then we went for a ride to Pottawatomie Woods/Kishwaukee River State Park in Kirkland, Illinois. It was really nice. The Kishwaukee river isn't rushed here and it winds shallowly through a forest. The wood is dormant , so it isn't much to see right now, but I want to go back there in the Spring or Summer to draw. I had no idea that a park was in Kirkland, so it was a nice surprise.

Afterwards, I finished up framing the prints for the 2010 Rockford Midwestern. They are ready to go! I'm nervous and excited and trying to downplay all of this. I don't want to get my hopes up, so I end up crushing those feelings and end up feeling pretty low. I don't know why I do that to myself, but it seems to be a part of my psyche.

When that much needed task was completed, I began the under painting of the painting I've been commissioned to do. The photo in the previous link was the burnt umber line drawing transfer. Sorry, but I won't have a photo of the monochrome layer until it has been completed. It is looking great except for the nose, but I'll get that figured out eventually. I'm using the Venetian, or Grisaille method to give it an old world look.

As I entered the house after returning home from the studio, I smelled a delicious roast cooking. My husband had made a dinner. How nice it was to come home to a good meal and leisurely eat it without rushing.

The final thing I did today was to balance my personal checkbook and update my business books. Such a productive day. I want weekends to be five days long and work weeks to be just two! I could get so much done! LOL.

Now it is bedtime, but there is no rest for the weary!

Just a friendly reminder... Sign up today for my Blog Giveaway! There is still time left!


BASIC lines and colors - Etsy Treasury

SchickiMickis Chose my "Winter Cardinal" print for her treasury. Thanks SchikiMickis!


Etsy Treasury: Winter Birds

Etsy Treasury: Winter Birds, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time tonight and scored an Etsy.com Treasury spot! I chose the theme "Winter Birds of Christmas." The subheading is "Learn from the joyful song of a bird which rejoices even admist the coldest winter." It took a really long time to put it together because I wanted it to look just right. I'm very pleased with the result. I hope you enjoy it! The treasury will be up for 2 days. Stop by and leave a comment if you have time!

Featured Etsyians include:
row one:
row two:
row three:
row four:


"Etsy Partnerships are Wonderful" Blog Giveaway!

Frame by DAcustomframes.etsy.com, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I knew I needed great environmental photos to fill out the descriptions in my Etsy shop, but I don't like just any old frame. I love quality, handcrafted frames. Unfortuneately I can't afford that many frames all at one time. I wrote to David Arnold who owns DAcustomframes on Etsy. I came across his shop while searching for just the right frames to exhibit with.

So, I had an idea – a reciprocation of sorts. I asked him if I might use his photos with my prints inserted in kind for a link to his shop in my description. I was so nervous asking. I was seriously afraid that I would be chewed out, but David contacted me within minutes of my convo saying he liked my work and he didn't mind at all! How sweet of him! He is listed in my shop announcement and a link is provided in each and every listing that I use his frames. So, I think it is a win-win situation!

David Arnold started DA custom frames in May of 2008 immediately following his graduation from the University of Georgia. He graduated with a bachelors degree from the Terry College of Business. His experience and interest with building and art is mainly attributed to his start in this industry in high school. David has five years experience in building for visual displays at the Atlanta Gift Mart showrooms (Appelman and Schauben) and for several mall grand openings throughout the United States. His building experience includes a variety of woodworking related projects.

His NEW picture frames are now on Trunkt, The Premier Directory of Creative Entrepreneurs - http://www.trunkt.org/DAcustomframes.com

You can also see his pictures on Flickr.com or read his blog about frames here.

So to celebrate I am giving away a print of my "Winter Cardinal" to one lucky person! YAY! It fits in with the holiday theme and would make a wonderful gift! To enter, just leave a comment now through Teusday, December 15th at 5pm Central Standard time. I'll hold a drawing at 5pm and announce the winner! I'll ship anywhere in the world, so don't be afraid to enter. Thanks for helping me celebrate!

The Fine Print: this is for one Winter Cardinal print only, the frame will not be included in this giveaway.


New Cricket Avatar and Banners

New Etsy Cricket Avatar, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I attended a virtual lab on Etsy and implemented many of the changes they suggested. Now I have a fresh new look for my Etsy Shop!

I've updated my blog and Facebook, and Flickr to correspond as well.