paper snowflakes and gingerbread men

paper snowflakes, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I did not go into the studio (yet again). Inspiration seems to have left me for the time being. Instead I went with my husband and son to cut our Christmas tree. It is late in the year to be buying a Christmas tree. The workers are the tree farm were building snowmen because they were a bit bored. Little snowmen 2 feet tall and a big snowman that may have been too ambitious. They were still trying to lift the middle section onto the base as we left. Three people were trying to work together and still having a hard time lifting it!

This year we chose a balsam and it fills the house with such a wonderful scent. After we brought it home, I did the lights and they decorated it with my collection of German glass ornaments. New additions for this year were a squirrel, an orance slice and an indigo bunting bird.

There are no presents under the tree yet. We plan on going shopping for gifts next weekend after payday.

When decorations were done we decorated gingerbread men together. My son ended up eating all his right away. He said he felt bad that his didn't look like mine, so he ate them instead. After that I made snowflakes. My husband even made one, but he wanted it on another window, not next to mine. Sorry guys! I didn't know I was so intimidating!

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