"Etsy Partnerships are Wonderful" Blog Giveaway!

Frame by DAcustomframes.etsy.com, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I knew I needed great environmental photos to fill out the descriptions in my Etsy shop, but I don't like just any old frame. I love quality, handcrafted frames. Unfortuneately I can't afford that many frames all at one time. I wrote to David Arnold who owns DAcustomframes on Etsy. I came across his shop while searching for just the right frames to exhibit with.

So, I had an idea – a reciprocation of sorts. I asked him if I might use his photos with my prints inserted in kind for a link to his shop in my description. I was so nervous asking. I was seriously afraid that I would be chewed out, but David contacted me within minutes of my convo saying he liked my work and he didn't mind at all! How sweet of him! He is listed in my shop announcement and a link is provided in each and every listing that I use his frames. So, I think it is a win-win situation!

David Arnold started DA custom frames in May of 2008 immediately following his graduation from the University of Georgia. He graduated with a bachelors degree from the Terry College of Business. His experience and interest with building and art is mainly attributed to his start in this industry in high school. David has five years experience in building for visual displays at the Atlanta Gift Mart showrooms (Appelman and Schauben) and for several mall grand openings throughout the United States. His building experience includes a variety of woodworking related projects.

His NEW picture frames are now on Trunkt, The Premier Directory of Creative Entrepreneurs - http://www.trunkt.org/DAcustomframes.com

You can also see his pictures on Flickr.com or read his blog about frames here.

So to celebrate I am giving away a print of my "Winter Cardinal" to one lucky person! YAY! It fits in with the holiday theme and would make a wonderful gift! To enter, just leave a comment now through Teusday, December 15th at 5pm Central Standard time. I'll hold a drawing at 5pm and announce the winner! I'll ship anywhere in the world, so don't be afraid to enter. Thanks for helping me celebrate!

The Fine Print: this is for one Winter Cardinal print only, the frame will not be included in this giveaway.


Tonya Gilmore said...

Erin that is so awesome!! Great job!!

Digital Misfit said...

David's frames are perfect for your beautiful artwork! Definitely a good promotion for both of you.


Theresa N. said...

That frame sets off your art work to perfection.
Theresa N

mobywahn said...

It's always great to see you art!
You do wonderful work!

Barb said...

Love your work, framing only accents the job you have done.

Scott said...

Erin great work I wish I had your talent I have always liked your art. Still have the vase you made for the reuion

Elsie said...

A cardinal is a very graceful subject for you, it looks super!
Also I adore your raccoons!


Amie Roman said...

Beautiful! What a great opportunity, thanks Erin! I might be able to reciprocate, if you're interested.

Denise said...

Erin, your work is stunning and the idea of cross linking between you and David's frames is genius! I have just the right spot chosen in my house for the cardinal! ;)

knotaway said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your work! You have such beautiful prints.

zachsgran said...

This is a beautiful print. Thanks for the chance
zachsgran1 at yahoo dot com

tmc480 said...

very beautiful. Please enter me
tmc480 at yahoo dot com

International Giveaways said...

I hope I'm not too late! That's some beautiful artwork and I would be so proud to display it in my living room!


pejnolan said...

Thank you to everyone who entered! I love meeting new friends. The winner was chosen by a highly scientific method. For this method I printed out names onto a sheet of paper. The names were then cut into long strips and folded kittywampus. A bowl was placed on a flat surface (my sofa) and the papers were thrown up into the air. Those that landed in the bowl were tossed up one again until there was only one. (Geed alert: Lord of the Rings reference.) Drumroll, please! The winner is... ahem... BARB! Congratulations, Barb! It's in the mail!

The Soap Corner said...

The Cardinal is The Kentucky Bird! teresa@thesoapcorner.com

Vittoria said...

what a gorgeous wintery picture!

thanks for the opportunity! keep on creating xx