Lop Eared Rabbit, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

The fair was a great place to get reference shots of different animals. I wish I had the couage to take photos of all the characters there too. One old man had such a kind, wrinkled face with bright sparkling eyes and wore a cowboy hat. He was so happy to be at the fair! He was following his wife who had a hard-life look about her. They were complete opposites. Another young guy was dressed as Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean. His long dark hair was a tangle of small braids, dread locks, and red hankerchieves. There were piercings and tatoos everywhere and he wore uberwide black denim pants with skulls and crossbones painted on towards to bottom. To top it off he was drunk as a skunk which made his eyes glisten and his body sway as he spoke. There were the hard core FFA members with plaid shirts, cowboy hats & boots, and straight backs. There were adorable little girls with brown curls reaching out to win their first stuffed animal prize. Spoiled girls crying that they didn't want to buy that, they wanted to buy this. People watching is a wonderful pastime.


robayre said...

I'm right there with you. Before we left I asked matt if he wanted to take his camera too. I thought he would understand that I was implying that we would use our time at the fair to do a lot of photography. Instead the evening started out rough because he was angry that he had to sit and wait while I tried to take pictures of everything. I understood he had a different notion of what the evening would be like so I tried to ease up on the picture taking, but it kind of broke my heart when I'd pass by an old farmer in his warn overalls with a belly out like he was pregnant, or strangers chowing down on corn on the cob. I figure I could go there and just spend the entire day photographing people.

robayre said...

wait, that last sentence is misleading. I didn't mean that I had planned on doing that, but just that for future reference I probably could do that

sheasy said...

I get a similar feeling when I am out and about and something catches my eye. I try to be covert about it but a lot of times I just keep my camera to myself. How many pictures missed because of this???