Women's Works 2011

Women's Works 2011, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I just came back from the Women's Works reception and am pretty jazzed up - not only from being on a visual high after viewing room after room of art but also from the Red Bull I had earlier.

The piece shown above was my favorite! It is by eunyoung Suh of DeKalb, IL and is entitled, "The Beauty III" made in porcelain.

This piece represents fertility to me because of shape of the vase. The lotus flower carved into the base symbolizes femininity, the celadon green intimates life. She holds a flower over her heart. The hairstyle is of Korean origin and is of the type worn by a married woman. (Eo'yeo Meori).

Women's Works 2011Women's Works 2011

I enjoy the contrast of the glazed base with an application gradient towards the simple line drawing to the matte black at the top. This is a fully thought out piece which shows technical excellence. ♥ If I were judge, this would be the winner.

There were so many interesting mediums and techniques to take in.


Women's Works Show 2011

Fiber Art

Women's Works 2011

Mixed Media

Women's Works 2011


Women's Works 2011

Also, sculpture, printmaking, photography, collage, encaustic, and more!

Women's Works 2011

Right as we entered the door of the gallery, the judge was presenting awards. What I really liked about her is that she gave a thorough explanation as to why the pieces were deemed award winners. It was really wonderful to hear her reasoning. It was also very valuable information for me to hear and pertained to entering future shows.

Nights like this feel pretty good. I'm blessed to be able to be part of the show and to be able to continue my art adventure.

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