Change is good

With the change from Winter to Spring comes the uncertainty of a new routine. There are periods of my life where things run smoothly and all is right with the world. Then something happens - internally or through external factors - that creates an imbalance.

The change of season is one of those times. During this interval I feel as if I am being challenged to try things I haven't done before and to do things I wouldn't have imagined a few years earlier. When I succeed, there is a brief period when things hum along smoothly. I feel worthwhile and my life has meaning. Then there is an awareness that I need to challenge myself again in order to stretch and grow. That still, small voice has remained over the years telling me, "Do it now. There isn't much time."

Right now, I am at an awkward stage. I'm keeping up with my responsibilities, but something is not quite right, I'm not inspired, I'm not in the moment. I'm searching.

I believe this is a healthy state of mind. Who wants to remain stagnant and do the same things over and over until the mind becomes numb? Not me! I want to live life to the fullest. I love to try new things!

This Saturday, I'll start the "C25K" a.k.a. Couch to 5K. I'm excited! The program consists of 9 weeks of training. Your fitness level changes from that of a couch potato to a runner by taking small steps: 3 days a week of training at only 20 minutes per session. I'll be doing it with the DeKalb Area Outdoor & Social Activities Meetup Group. So, with luck, at the end of May, 2011, I'll be running in a 5K race! Can you believe it?

Last Autumn, I went on a canoe trip down the Fox River with this same group. Now that warmer weather is returning, I'm hoping to do a lot more with them: camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, you know... fun stuff!

This activity is Febreeze for my life! lol.


becky said...

Hi Erin,
funny. i often feel like i'm going to run out of time, too. maybe it has to do w/ midlife, i don't know.... but sometimes i get so frustrated, because i want to do it all NOW, though things like responsibility & paying the bills seem to get in the way. (of making art, buying a kiln, having a home, going on a long distance hike...) i don't want to stagnate either! i just started climbing again (indoors for now) & was telling my climbing partner how i want to "squeeze all the juice out of life!"
nice post, erin... i can relate.
good luck on your C25K!

Betsy Grant said...

I appreciate your art and your enthusiasm for living! All the best on your C25K!

Erin K. Nolan said...

Thanks Becky and Betsy. Although I write in a dairy style, I like it when other people can relate to what I'm feeling. It makes the world a smaller place and easier to live in. THANKS!