Great Horned Owl at the Lagoon

Sometimes things seem very simple and straight forward. Everything is put in perspective and the petty squabbles, demands, and worries of everyday life are put on the back burner. Usually this comes from a defining moment such as when one faces mortality. The experience reminds us to seek greater understanding & wisdom, and to cultivate a more fully developed sense of compassion and empathy. Today as I carved, inked and printed; I meditated on a person I know of who could use prayers of comfort and peace.

I was in the studio all afternoon and late into the evening. Time disappears in the studio. I arrived at noon, next time I look up it was six o'clock. The next time, it is ten. There is so much to do and so very little precious time. Maybe there will come a day when I can work at this full time–retirement? I can always dream.

Being in the studio quiets my mind and grounds my spirit. While I am focusing on creating, my thoughts cease to race. I don't worry.

Great Horned Owl at the Lagoon (block)Great Horned Owl at the Lagoon

Great Horned Owl at the Lagoon (pulled)

This block is based on the Great Horned Owl pair that nest at the Northern Illinois University lagoon each year. The reference photo is from last year, but the same pair have returned and are now taking turns sitting on the nest. I went to see them today.

The inspiration
Enjoying this very early sign of Spring does my heart good. The sun felt warm today even with the chill of winter lingering. The birds are singing in the morning once again. Life goes on. The circle of life continues. I am grateful to be mindful.

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