Photo shoot with Grace

Gracie accompanied me to work today to begin her job as a model. I brought her in early so she would have time to settle down and brought a new bag of delicious treats so she could stay focused.

The photo shoot didn't begin until the mid-afternoon. At home she usually sleeps all day, so she was pretty tired by that afternoon. Still, she did her tricks on command as long as there were treats involved. She also was not accustomed to the slick surface of the white paper used as the backdrop. She didn't really want to walk on it, so a white blanket was laid down until she grew used to the texture of the paper.

After awhile she was so exhausted, that she just left the studio area and sat by the door as if to say, "I did my job. Can I go home now?"

The photos will be used in a local marketing campaign. I hope she doesn't get all "Diva" on me now... LOL!

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