Elinor as a Modern Hiroshige "Print"

Original Photo

Elinor is just about the most graceful, thoughtful, beautiful person I know. This is a raster image created in Photoshop. It is based on her positioning, but uses Hiroshige inspired shapes& colors.


Corporate Commission

Corporate Commission, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

A client I previously had designed sales sheets and presentation folders for wanted to have the exterior of their building drawn for their corporate offices. They haven't seen it yet, so I am not posting their name - but they are in Elgin, Illinois. The acutal size of this piece is 9.5" wide by 6" high and is is on cold press illustration paper. This is almost like heavy watercolor paper.


Raven No. 1/∞

Raven No. 1/∞, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I had a wonderfully productive day at the studio after a rather long hiatus. This is one of the prints completed. It is 1" x 1" and the paper size is just 2" x 2". I had cut off a small bit of linoleum off a previous block to remove the border. This was brushed with ink using a stiff stenciling brush and you can see the brushstrokes that remaned. It is so tiny! Just slightly bigger than a postage stamp, but I achieved tons of detail despite it's small size: Compact with high impact! Gouache was used in the background. How cool is this?


My very first treasury!

My very first treasury!, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Check it out and enjoy! It is entitled, "The Natural World: The beauty of nature as depicted in printmaking." I would love it if you left a comment!


Corn Fest 2009 brochure cover

Corn Fest 2009 brochure cover, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I had an interesting phone call today. The Corn Fest Committee asked to use my 2008 logo submission for their 2009 brochures and marketing materials. They will give credit for the artwork to: Erin K. Nolan, Pejnolan Studios, DeKalb, IL. So it is a wonderful way to gain recognition within the community.

I really need to create some new work, so I can fund the studio space. Things are pretty dang tight right now. Maybe something will come of this! I hope!



Success!, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Below is an email received today.

Thank you for your participation in the 2009 Venus Envy Call for Entry. Your jury scores have qualified you for inclusion in the fifth annual Venus Envy Quad Cities -- an all-female arts extravaganza that will showcase the talents of our local and regional female artists.

Your works selected for exhibition are:

Earth Goddess
Linocut on Japanese Kitakata

Dreamtime Goddess
Pen and ink on Bristol board

Pen and ink on Bristol board

Fifty-four visual artists will be showcased along with musical performances, dance, installation performances and spoken word on Saturday, May 2nd, from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m. at the Bucktown Center for the Arts in downtown Davenport, Iowa.

My husband, son and I are planning on manking this a mini-vacation. You can find out more about the Venus Envy Show at www.venusenvyqc.org


Announcement of the Winners

Announcement of the Winners, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

The Regional Art Survey Show was concurrent with the KVAL Exhibition. In the photo the the winners for the Art Survey were being announced over the microphone. This was one of the most wonderful evenings I've had in a long time! There was music and singing with a band including a guitar and cello. There was wine and hors devours. People were genuinely excited to be at an artistic venue and it showed on there faces and in their conversations. I joined in with some regarding my work and made some excellent contacts. (Thanks Thomas!)

Afterwards A., E. J. and I went to the Touch of Thai restaurant a few blocks away. I said maybe I didn't want to be touched by a Thai. The restaurant not only had traditional Thai food, but the most excellent suchi and sashimi! Also, there was a wonderful coy pond right in the restaurant.

The best part of the whole evening is that my son drove me there and shared this experience with me. Thanks, J! The artists were asked to wear name tags. J. put on a nametag too. On it was written, "Chuck Norris." He got a few laughs out of that. Wonderful, wonderful evening.


The Next Picture Show Gallery KVAL Exhibit

The Next Picture Show Gallery, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

The Next Picture Show Gallery in Dixon Illinois is hosting the Regional Art Survey and the Kishwaukee Valley Art League member show March 6th through April 14th, 2009. There is a free public reception on Friday, March 6th from 6-8pm and you all are welcome to join in the fun! I have two pieces exhibited: "Goddess of the Earth" and "Robin's Nest."


The Thistle and the Bumblebee

The Thistle and the Bumblebee, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Title: The Thistle and the Bumblebee
Technique: Linocut
Edition: A/P
paper size: 10" x 12"
image size: 8" x 10"
Materials: water-based Lamp Black Graphic Chemical ink on natural colored Japanese Kitikata paper

Artist: Erin K. Nolan
URL: pejnolan.blogspot.com
FLICKr: pejnolan.flickr.com
SHOP: pejnolan.etsy.com
© 2009 Erin K. Nolan.