Raven No. 1/∞

Raven No. 1/∞, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I had a wonderfully productive day at the studio after a rather long hiatus. This is one of the prints completed. It is 1" x 1" and the paper size is just 2" x 2". I had cut off a small bit of linoleum off a previous block to remove the border. This was brushed with ink using a stiff stenciling brush and you can see the brushstrokes that remaned. It is so tiny! Just slightly bigger than a postage stamp, but I achieved tons of detail despite it's small size: Compact with high impact! Gouache was used in the background. How cool is this?


Justin said...

This is Fantastic!
You know I want to do a couple of these now. What wonderful detail in the crow. You did a wonderful job with such a small canvas.

pejnolan said...

Thank you Justin! I love your work, so a compliment from you means so much! I had a left over swatch of linoleum and thought I would use it up, but what I learned is that it forces me to simplify the shapes. On my larger pieces, I tend to get too caught up in the details.

Pyzahn said...

It's very, very cool. I just love crows. We lost them in our neighborhood several years back to West Nile virus. I really miss their noise and spunk.

Your work is lovely.

pejnolan said...

Thank you Pyzahn! Sorry to hear about your lost crows. I have a love hate relationship with crows. I know they are supposed to be mean scavengers and I know they are, but I admire their intellegence and their black bodies in flight against a blue sky is haunting.