The block is done

The block is done, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I'm going to wait until morning before I make a proof to see where I'm at. But I have a bit of wonderful news! My interview with Printsy.com: The Printmakers of Etsy ha been published! YAY! I'm very thankful to have been asked. The second bit of good news is that I went with my husband to the Graphic Chemical and Ink warehouse in Villa Park and purchased my very own Lamp Black and Brown Graphic Chemical water-based inks AND a 4" German baren AND a student grade bamboo baren. WOOT! Just in time to print this block with! I know there are way too many exclamation marks, but it is late, and I'm excited and can't wait for morning.



I was two hours late for an appointment with a friend to fuse glass. I literally did not wake up until noon! I must be coming down with something. Anyway, Maria is so gracious - she didn't even make be feel bad. She was just glad to see me. We chatted all afternoon with her friend Sol, then we went out to lunch and talked over some life matters that it seems I am only able to talk about with Maria. She doesn't judge, she just listens and then points out what I don't see. She is one of the most in tune, down to earth, spiritual, loving persons I know and it is always a joy to be with her.

One of her suggestions for me was to be more assertive. She said that it would be good for me to be one of the sellers at a local fine art shows. I told her that it was $80 for the entry and that is alot of money. She said that I should consider it an investment. Then we paid for our lunch and set off. On our way back to the car, we passed by Bliss Beads, a brand new bead shop in town. We walked in just to take a peek at all the glass beads. I worked up my courage, went up to the counter and said, "I notice that you have artwork on your walls and I was wondering if you might consider hanging my artwork." I handed her one of my moo.com cards and told her she could review my work online through my portfolio set on Flickr. She looked surprised at first and then asked if I would like to have a solo show! I said YES! That would be wonderful. When I got home I emailed her to thank her for speaking with me and said that I would see her on the 21st because a co-worker of my brother's will be having a jewelry show martini reception there (and who doesn't love a MARTINI show!).

Anyway, Maria's advice to be more assertive paid off. Maria is just cool like that. Thanks, Maria you're the best!



I don't think I've posted this print before. I created it specifically for my show in December, 2008. (print size: 12" wide x 9" tall - water-based ink on ochre mulberry paper)

2007 was the year of the periodical cicada for my region of the country. How do these insects know when 17 years have passed and it is time to come above ground and sing in the trees? It is a magic time.

The first time I remember seeing them was the summer of my 23rd birthday. I was engaged. My father-in-law was the caretaker of a local forest preserve. One weekend he invited us to go into the woods and see these little creatures. I was enthralled. They were everywhere! They were singing above our heads and crawling all around us.. so much life. It was as if they knew they had only a precious few days left on the earth.

Anyway, I was 23 and I tried to imagine what my life would be like the next time I saw the cicadas. I would be 40! What willI look like? Where will I be living? Will I have any children? What will life bring my fiance and I? Then it hit me: I only had a precious few years myself. Maybe I ought to live it like there is no tomorrow just like the cicadas.

In the summer of 2007, when the cicadas first arrived, I was 40. All the things I had wondered were now firm in reality. Now I wonder... Where will I be at 17 years from now? 57 years old. I could be a grandmother! My son will be 32. Life continues to march along. The cicadas make me stop for a moment to wonder what lies ahead and to appreciate where I've gotten.

Earth Mother Linocut

Here is the print! The lino block is shown in the previous post. This is going to be my one of my "goddess" submissions to the Venus Envy Show in Davenport, IA. ( I hope I'm not committing a professional faux pax by posting it before finding out if it is in the show or not.) I'm really very excited about this piece!

Title: Mother Earth
Medium: Linocut with water-based Graphic Chemical ink on natural hue Japanese Kitakata paper
Print Size: 8" wide x 10" tall

Description: An Earth goddess is symbolic of the natural laws by which everything is created and to which everything must adhere. Natural law brings order and purpose to a myriad of interwoven eco-systems. When this fragile connectivity is maintained, the earth nurtures us with the traditional feminine qualities of fertility, beauty, and wisdom.

This print shows the world (ecosystems) growing from the mind (order) of the goddess (natural law). The lacy cutwork shows the interconnectivity and fragility of this bio-system. The overall result is that you notice the beauty of the forest scene first, then become aware of the goddess as an afterthought.

Artist: Erin K. Nolan
Copyright: Erin K. Nolan, 2008

Ze Block, she is complete!

Ze Block, she is complete!, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

This is an earth goddess print I'm entering for the "Venus Envy" Show in Davenport, IA. It took about 25 hours to carve. This afternoon I'll be pulling the very first artist proof. To me that is the best part about printing: seeing what it looks like after all the hard work. It's like seeing your baby for the first time after imagining what he/she looks like based of the ultrasound.