The block is done

The block is done, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I'm going to wait until morning before I make a proof to see where I'm at. But I have a bit of wonderful news! My interview with Printsy.com: The Printmakers of Etsy ha been published! YAY! I'm very thankful to have been asked. The second bit of good news is that I went with my husband to the Graphic Chemical and Ink warehouse in Villa Park and purchased my very own Lamp Black and Brown Graphic Chemical water-based inks AND a 4" German baren AND a student grade bamboo baren. WOOT! Just in time to print this block with! I know there are way too many exclamation marks, but it is late, and I'm excited and can't wait for morning.

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Amie Roman said...

Lookin' good!! Can't wait to see the use of your new goodies with the proof of this on :)