Earth Mother Linocut

Here is the print! The lino block is shown in the previous post. This is going to be my one of my "goddess" submissions to the Venus Envy Show in Davenport, IA. ( I hope I'm not committing a professional faux pax by posting it before finding out if it is in the show or not.) I'm really very excited about this piece!

Title: Mother Earth
Medium: Linocut with water-based Graphic Chemical ink on natural hue Japanese Kitakata paper
Print Size: 8" wide x 10" tall

Description: An Earth goddess is symbolic of the natural laws by which everything is created and to which everything must adhere. Natural law brings order and purpose to a myriad of interwoven eco-systems. When this fragile connectivity is maintained, the earth nurtures us with the traditional feminine qualities of fertility, beauty, and wisdom.

This print shows the world (ecosystems) growing from the mind (order) of the goddess (natural law). The lacy cutwork shows the interconnectivity and fragility of this bio-system. The overall result is that you notice the beauty of the forest scene first, then become aware of the goddess as an afterthought.

Artist: Erin K. Nolan
Copyright: Erin K. Nolan, 2008

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Amie Roman said...

Beautiful. I love the contours, textures, the play of light and dark. Really a lovely piece. Good luck getting in, but I'd be extremely surprised if it was declined. It's a very strong composition, an excellently executed block print, and an inspiring subject matter for the theme of the show.