"Buck up, Bucky!"

I am worn down and tired out by the everyday struggles. I imagine a person being pulled down by the weight of smokey wisps that stick like dew and then take hold layer after layer. It isn't a single thing, it is the many troubles all at once for a long, long stretch.

Then I stop myself and try to be mindful of all the good things that happen. I try to practice thankfulness for everything I have been blessed with. There are so many amazing things happening in my life. I have to enjoy the happy moments as they appear.
  1. 1. I have passed my classes and, as of this Sunday, will be a graduate of Northern Illinois University with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. It is taken me a total of 28 years from start to finish. What going back to school has taught me is that I needed self-confidence. My instructors and my classmates have walked with me on this adventure– giving advice, offering suggestions, laughing with me, sharing with me their experiences and their life journey.

  2. Just this week my car's transmission went to pot. It happened right in front of a auto dealership with a repair shop. When I heard the bad news that the repair would cost more than the car was worth, I didn't know how I was going to get through this, but I didn't panic. Everything has a reason and a time and a place. Tonight I drove my "new to me" car off the lot. I hope I did the right thing by making this purchase! Kelly Blue Book tells me that it was. All I know is I have a way to work tomorrow and most likely the next many tomorrows. And for that, I give thanks.
  3.  The snow was so beautiful yesterday and we are supposed to get 3-4 inches overnight. I love the way it lazily floats down from the sky to form diamonds in the moonlight. If only I could collect all the diamonds and keep them sparkling forever – without the bitter cold.
  4. At 46 I went to see a dermatologist and my skin is slowly getting clear. My new personal appearance certainly helps with my self-confidence.!
  5. There are two art shows this week. Both are for the NIU-BFA graduates. It is pretty cool to be able to show with these amazingly talented group. If you have a moment, peruse my classmates' and instructors' websites. If you like their work, let them know!
  • Brittany Sherman
    • Playful images based on current environmental issues
  • Andrew Carlson
    •  Andrew is a Midwestern artist working in digital and traditional media. Aveteran of the United States Marine Corp, his imagery reflects his experience.
  • Stephanie Tunnell
    •  Stephanie's work is narrative with a distinctive mood-driven color palette.
  • Dan Kurnick
    •  Intricate patterns and intense color define Dan's current work.
  • John Carter
    • Atmospheric Sy-fy landscapes and detailed character design are hallmarks of John's work.
  • Erin Nolan
    • Conceptual and editorial artwork based on symbolic color, pattern, and texture.
  • Kim Kline
    • Figurative character design with a whimsically dark nature.
  • Autumn Tahara-eckl
  • Michelle Goans
    •  Michelle uses a glowing, surreal lighting and complementary color palette.
My instructors:

Good night, all, be blessed.

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