Illustration 437 Project 2: Reimagined Narrative

What if Dr. Seuss' Sneetches went into the Star-On machine and found out it was actually skin graft surgery from a cut-rate physician?

C'mon… $3 each? You can't even buy a McDonalds Southern Fried Chicken sandwich for that. but what can you expect from a guy who arrives on the beach claiming to be able to put stars on your belly?

For the Sneetche's backstory visit www.barnabasministry.com/quotes-sneeches.html

The illustration was a huge success! (Yay!) The only suggestions were to revisit the kearning of the type - expecially between the "ma" and "chine"... that detail was completely overlooked on my part due to my giggling the entire time I was drawing this** I was asked to revisit values for a more delineated look between the strong light of the operation and the natural light of the rest of the room. Oh, and to print it out larger so they could see the details better.

It was created entirely digitally using Photoshop and a Wacom (a pressure-sentitive drawing tablet).

Note to self:
• Have Sylvester McMonkey McBean (the doctor) holding 3 dollar bills.
• Have a ventilation tube stage left
• Make the circle in the lower right a star shape instead

**The Cat in the Hat is the insignia on the diploma in the background.
** The company is an LLC or limited liability company.
** The salline solution is 100% guaranteed.

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