Black-crowned Night Heron

Black-crowned Night Heron, originally uploaded by pejnolan.
My husband and I went on a trip into Chicago today. We are getting pretty knowledgeable about public transportation options and decided to use the water taxi to and from Navy Pier.

I like using the boats because it feels cooler down by the water and I can get some interesting shots of the buildings from a different perspective than the street. 

As we stepped off the boat on the way back, we spotted an endangered Black-crested Night Heron on a pylon right next to the Michigan Avenue bridge. He wasn't shy at all and didn't might be getting very close to take photos. As long as I stayed on the stair well, he was fine, but I tried getting even closer by shooting through a wire fence. He knew that wasn't wear most people are and he took flight. As he did so, he navigated around all the boats on the river.

We went to the McCormick Bridgehouse Museum. We were lucky because today the museum was free! It shows the gears, motors and history of the bridge.

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