Double Door County II

The second trip to Door County, in just as many weekends, was a getaway for our family: Paul, Jacob and I—along with our dog Gracie. It was a time to reacquaint ourselves with one another without extraneous thoughts in our minds. We had time to focus on us, how we feel, what we need for ourselves & for one another, and where we are going from this point forward.
It was a salve sent by the graciousness of God.
We were able to see the American Folklore Theatre's production of "Victory Farm." It is always a great treat to see such professionally written and executed musicals, but this one was especially touching. The characters were well developed and passionately portrayed.

I know it is a good storyline when I am left wanting more. Did he come back? Did they marry? What happened to him after the war? Did his heart soften after this experience. Just, really, so very wonderful. Plus, the one of the actors is Chad Luberger, owner of Plum Bottom Pottery where I am honored to show my woodblock prints.

The remainder of the trip was filled with Washington Island, beaches, sunsets, s'mores, parks, good food, swimming, and many laughs and surprises along the way. Here are some of the things we saw:

The rare and elusive wild Wheaten Sand Dog of the Door
History: A wild sand dog of the door was captured in 1872. Three men lost their lives during the outing. Gradually this killer dog was domesticated. Although the wild gene has never been fully flushed from the breed, the modern "floofy tail" is a direct descendent of its wild cousin.

Gracie's self-assigned job was to grab hold of the boogie-board handle and carry it to shore for us. Lake Michigan was so low that Grace could walk out a good 25 yards before having to actually swim!

 Blue Skies
The jaunty overlord of the Maritime Museum on Washington Island watched us closely from above.

Green Rocks
As always I am captivated and inspired by the naturally rough textures of Door County.

Golden Light
Starting two years ago, a new tradition: watching the sunset from the bluffs of Peninsula State Park.

Periwinkle Sunsets
Hearing the water gently lap against the shore as the sun sets is the perfect sound to calm the mind, relax the body and settle the spirit before sleeping.

Red Walls
Francis Hardy Gallery on Anderson Dock in Ephraim. There was a cute little muskrat playing in the warm waters by between the dock and the shore.

 White Rocks
The smooth, white stones of Schoolhouse beach on Washington Island make it difficult to walk, but they color the water a turquoise blue-green and looks more like the tropics than Wisconsin.

Lovely Yahts
The passengers looking like they were having fun!

Most importantly:
Together and Smiling!
Mission accomplished!

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