"Aurora Borealis"

"Aurora Borealis", originally uploaded by pejnolan.
Detail of the interference ink used to create the look of the Northern Lights.
Title: Aurora Borealis
Edition Size: 24
Print Dimensions: 3.125" w x 5.375" h
Paper Dimensions: 5" w x 7" h
Ink: Graphic Chemical Water Soluble & interference inks
Woodblock: Shina
Paper: Kozoshi
Artist: Erin K. Nolan
Dated: 02.2012

NASA has confidently predicted that this year (2012) the Aurora Borealis, or 'Northern Lights', will be the brightest and most intense in 50 years.

Go to the Alaskan Geological Society's site to see the Aurora Borealis forecast for your area!


This print will be available soon at Plum Bottom Pottery, Egg Harbor, Wisconsin!


minouette said...

Wonderful! Coincidentally, I'm working on a linocut of the aurora myself (though I have a very different plan for the light).

I would love to get my hands on some interference ink. I haven't found a Canadian supplier.

Erin Nolan said...

I would be happy to send you some, if you would like! Do you think it would go through customs? A little goes a long way and I don't mind sharing. Just let me know!

Erin Nolan said...

Oh! and I should say I purchased the powder and created my own ink by using acrylic matte medium.