Even if you can't draw, you can create your own labels, cards, invitations and more with etchpop! This is how it works: you upload etchpop an image (it could be a photo or computer printout or one of your own hand drawn creations), they laser etch it into a piece of wood and ship it back to you. All you need to do is ink the woodblock and you're ready to rock! No woodchips all over the floor! No slips using razor sharp tools which conceivably could take your finger off!

Of course, I like the danger and mess of using my own tools, but if you are a craftsperson and want a one of a kind piece of artwork to share, this is a great service for you! Whatever you make it will be as original and unique as you are.

To find out more, visit etchpop.com or email Marshall & Chester at etchpop@gmail.com . They'll be glad to hear from you! Help them make their business dreams a reality by supporting them on kickstarter.com. I did!

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