Sandwich Fair (after the fact)

The Sandwich Fair was two weeks ago already! Sheesh! Autumn is in the air and the fair, fun and food were fantastic in the cool breeze and warm sun

There was an animal petting zoo. I petted the soft rabbits and scrunched my fingers into the wool of a sheep that needed trimming. 

Soda pop and crab cakes. Elephant ears and lemonade shakeups. Fay's bar-b-que! Salt-water taffy - yum!

 People watching, overhearing partial conversations as people walk past. Music, steam engines, tractors, RVs, carnival rides and THE MOUSE GAME!
See that quarter on 13-14-15? WINNER!
In case you don't know what the mouse game is: 

The mouse game consists of an 8 sided table with drawers on each side. The table top has a series of numbers printed and each number has a corresponding hole. 

A drawer containing a mouse is removed and another drawer replaces it. The table is then spun like a roulette wheel and the mouse is released into the center. It scurries around and eventually ducks into a hole. If that hole matches the number you've chosen by placing a quarter on the side table, YOU WIN!

If not, you loose your quarter. :-(

I love the mouse game, but I can't understand why PETA hasn't shut it down years ago. It doesn't really do anything to the mouse, but make it dizzy and they trade out drawers, so the same mouse isn't spinning around all day.

You just have to love the fair!

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