"Hurrying out of sight Concord 1914"

Another all-time favorite out of the hundreds of photos I'm scanning in. The tells such a story! Here are a few thoughts:

1. In 1914 photography was still young, especially for poor farm families. Why would they have so many candid shots like this one when film was so expensive?

2. Why is she hurrying away?

3. There is a little one in the window smiling. Could this be the reason for rushing away?

4. What was the woman doing before rushing away. There is a bowl on the ground, but it is empty.

5. The shadow in the center right shows two little feet being kicked out. Who is holding the baby?

This is why I like vintage photos. The woman is long gone, the children, James, 5-1/2, and Charlotte, 1-1/2, would have been born about 19010 and 1913. They have long since passed on and their children most likely have as well. What was their life like? Did the fall in love? Did war affect their lives?

So many questions. Yet, here, a time capsule remains allowing me to view a moment in time: one hot and sunny summer's day at a farmhouse in Concord in 1914.

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