Looks like I will not be in the notBig Show


So, I didn't make it into the Logsdon 1909 Gallery's notBig show. Am I disappointed? Yeah, a little bit – but not too much. Actually, it is a more of a relief. I'm not ready mentally for Chicago yet. I have too much to learn and too much to figure out before I try out for another show in Chicago. It might be fun to go in and see the show though!

I walked to work this morning. It takes about half an hour at a brisk pace. It gave me time to slow down and think. I really enjoyed myself. Plus, it is a wonderful way to fit in exercise into my schedule! (Which I am sorely in need of.) The unfortuneate part is that I decided to start doing this in November, in Illinois. It was 44 degrees this morning which is quite warm for this time of year, but once the snow arrives it is going to make it more difficult to build this into my daily routine. As usual, I'll just do the best I can and leave it at that.

Today I sat down and made a schedule for myself. I should have enough time to get everything achomplished, but like my paycheck, I don't know where it all goes! So, I thought writing out a schedule would help. Now I have a set block of time for art, cleaning, family, food preparation, grocery shopping, work, walking the dog, etc. It is such a small thing to have done, but already I'm starting to feel better knowing that everything will have a time and place.

Thanksgiving is arriving next week here in the United States. I've seen many people on Facebook writing their daily gratitudes until Thanksgiving day. Their words are so positive. I just love reading them. Some, also, break my heart. A person I keep in contact with just miscarried. She was thankful for the amount of time she had shared with her baby and was happy in knowing that she would meet this person in heaven. Such faith! My troubles pale in comparison. She has helped me to reset my priorities. Living a life in gratitude has that effect. It humbles a person to find what is real.

Today, I am thankful for a warm home to live in. I'm thankful to be able to walk to work. I'm thankful to be able to "make do." So many more things. I could go on forever. Maybe its the fresh air talking!

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starkeyart said...

Nice post. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for what I do have. Good luck with the schedule!