Artist James Armstrong

I just found an artist in California whose name is James Armstrong. The Arts and Crafts style is one of his primary influences which is probably why I like his work so much. Take a peek at it online at the Just Looking Gallery. If you look closely, you might be able to see how he is using directional brushstrokes - especially viewable on the lower portion of the trunk on of the double-branched tree on the right. While some areas are more atmospheric, I like the strokes of individual color. I would like to create a print using these qualities. The directional strokes are also what I admire about Van Gough's drawings.

There is so much energy shown! It isn't studied or overworked. So fresh and lively!

I've been working on a few blocks. This time I'm trying out wood, specifically birch, instead of my usual linoleum. There has been some challenges already. It is really difficult to cut with the grain because it splinters and chips. I would have thought that to be the case if I went against the grain. I was wrong. I do like to hear the blade slice through the wood. It is a unique sound. The feel of the wood in my hands along with its scent is wonderful, too. It will be a little while more before I can post my new work. I've got an upcoming solo show at Bliss Beads in just four short weeks.


Kathleen said...

Wow! Thank you for introducing James Armstrong's work. I love the mood and the soft, natural palette. Interesting to learn about directional brush strokes. I know so little about painting but am wild for oil paintings. Can't wait to see your new wood block work.
Meanwhile, you might like the work of a painter I just discovered: Dan Mackerman. Let me know what you think. Here's a link to his paintings:
The second row, far right is no longer available ;^)
I couldn't resist his handling of the ripples in the water.


pejnolan said...

I like the second one down all the way to the right - also water ripples. It looks like my part of the country. Water is so relaxing. Thank you for sharing Dan Mackerman's work with me!

King of New York Hacks said...

Very captivating pieces. Thanks for sharing.