Stark & Nolan / Woodcut & Linocut: Booth #39

Well, I survived the Northern Illinois Art Show hosted by the Kishwaukee Valley Art League last weekend. It has taken until today to recoop.

The weather was just aweful Saturday, but we made it through. Sunday morning it looked like it was going to storm and we set up the tent in the rain, but by late morning the sky was just cloud covered and it ended up being a beautiful day.

There were several sales and a number commisions accepted. I met some great contacts like a writer for HandmadeNews.com which is an subsidary of Art Fire, a printmaking student from Kansas City, a painter whose work I've admired for about a year, a lady who had purchase original Japanese woodblock prints and brought them for Al to look at, and a person who is a freelance web-designer. All told, it was a success! Thank you to everyone who wished me well - you're good thoughts worked!


Kathleen said...

Oh my goodness, I sure can sympathize. I hung out at an art fair this weekend in Minneapolis. Temps in the 40s, constant rain, and wind. But it was lovely to be surrounded by the gorgeous paintings of my friend.

Glad to hear of your success! I'm sure you got plenty of ooing and awing. Any chance you'll do a show in Minnesota?

pejnolan said...

Oh, gosh! No! Not right now. This summer is the first time I'm doing shows so I'm starting off locally. Maybe sometime down the road I might come to Minnesota. I've never been there, but I hear it is beautiful.