Demonstrating cutting a linocut at KVAL

Demonstrating cutting a linocut, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Well, the KVAL Artist Demonstration that I've been preparing for months is now over. I was so worried about not having enough to fill the time that I wrote a 6 page outline and had enough material for two or three presentations. That was a good thing. I just hope I didn't sound too confusing by trying to cover too much in one sitting. I tried to talk about the history of the Eastern and Western woodblocks and how they led up to linocuts, the tools, and the technique that I use.

As usual, I worry myself into a fit days, weeks and months ahead of time. Worrying about what to talk about, how to convey the material and what to show. Then, on the actual day, I relax. I can't prepare any more, I can't learn any more and I can't do anything more. I can only do the best I can with what I've prepared.

My voice is naturally soft and doesn't carry well so that was my greatest challenge. I guess it got softer as the night wore on. I had encouraged everyone at the very beginning of the program to shout out if it was too quiet.

People genuinely seemed excited about trying linocuts when I spoke with them afterwards and that is the real goal of the art league: to get people excited about art. In that respect, I guess I did my job. A few even wanted me to do a workshop with them.

In the photo here, I had just slipped and almost cut my finger - just a nick, no blood, so it doesn't count! This after I had just told everyone that safety is primary and never get your fingers in the way of your cutting tools. I also told them never to wear white when printmaking... do as I say and not as I do, I guess. I've never gashed my hands - yet and I've not ruined a shirt either.

Thank you to Robyn Wellsfor taking photos.


robyn said...

You did an EXCELLENT job. I love how these presentations show how each artist is passionate about their method and you did a wonderful job translating that excitement to the audience. You kept everyone captivated and I know for myself, I learned so much.

pejnolan said...

Thanks Robyn! Hope to see you tonight at the Makers Meeting.

Sherry said...

Your demo last night was great. An old dog learned some new tricks. I think a workshop at KVAL would be great. I would be glad to help if you would like. I would love to get together as you said yesterday. KVAL member Sherry Lee.....