Altgeld Hall, NIU

Altgeld Hall, NIU, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

This image is copyrighted. Please do not use it without the permission of the artist.
Pen and ink on Bristol board,
10" wide x 8" tall. Reference photo by: JS, 2007.
Better scan to come tomorrow - it's too late to try again.


"Fishing Trip"

"Fishing Trip", originally uploaded by pejnolan.
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Acrylic, 20"w x 16"h.
copyright, 2008.


Child's Teapot

Child's Teapot, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Today was glorious. That is the only word for it. People everywhere were outside enjoying the day walking, biking, or doing yardwork. As I walked my dog, I passed a mother teaching her little boy how to ride a bike. Sweet memories of my little boy came to mind. Neighbors were outside talking lazily. I cleaned the dead leaves off the newly sprouting flowers. Delicious smells of grilling and burning wood periodically would come into my senses. The sun on my clothing was so warm, but the breeze was just slightly cool. Bugs aren't out in full force yet, so they were not a problem. It was lovely and perfect and every bit worth the cold winter wait. Ahhhhh. What a wonderful world.

I used the metal detector that I received for Christmas from my husband. I've been talking about wanting one for years and years. Today as I was digging around our back yard I found old square nails, new nails, a cigar band and a rock made of metal. When I was digging up yet another nail this little treasure popped up out of the earth. I've studied my home's history and there were never any little girls that lived here. It must have been a neighbor child's. I imagine a little girl out in the back yard with her dolls having a teaparty. There are no markings, but I can tell it is older because there are no seams in the porcelain. I can't wait to find more tidbits from history.


Homemade poundcake and fresh strawberries.

Some things, the best things, are simple and don't need alot of hype to make a person believe it is good... it is just good on its own.

As much as I loved the last presentation at my area artist league, I detested tonight's speaker. He was all about self-promotion. "Look what I did," "Look who I know," "here is my resume,"etc. While he obviously was an excellent marketer, the presentation was all about him and not about the art which really turned me off. I almost left half way through the meeting when I remembered my readings from Thich Nhat Hahn.

This artist has an MFA and for the life of me I do not see how in the world that could have happened. There was no structure to the work and is wasn't unstructured on purpose. It looked like outsider art - which isn't bad, in fact I love the primitive qualities of outsider art - however, this guy is supposed to have years of art education and theory. I asked the question about his eraser building up with charcoal and he answered with a hairbrained response: "just goooo with it." What the heck is that? He didn't know his materials, his reasoning, or anything! Yet he is making a living off his art AND he is teaching this line of (insert your own word here) to others.

The focus should be the art, not the artist. The artist should be able to speak about his or her work intellectually and should be able to explain their reasoning and thinking process. Just "going" with it doesn't cut it.

More and more it irks me when people talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. Talking about something doesn't get it done. Nike got it right: Just Do It. Do these people think we can't see through their rouse? Do they think we are dumb enough not to notice? (I would like to insert a political comment here, but have chosen the higher road.)

Just my opinion. So sez me.