Idea for a new print

Idea for a new print, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

There are three raccoons that come onto our roof almost every night. I was afraid at first that they were making their home somewhere in the roof or chimney, but they aren't. (whew!) It is just their regular route from the trees, across the powerlines, onto our maple tree, onto the roof and down the drainpipe to our back yard. Sometimes they will roll the grass up in the summertime trying to get to the grubs. They eat the raspberries and chitter at night to wake me up. When I go to the window I see them trying their hardest to get back into the tree by pulling several branches together until they flip up into the tree and scramble away. These sketches show a bit of the planned print about them.


Amie Roman said...

These are lovely!! Looking forward to seeing them as prints in due course.

pejnolan said...
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pejnolan said...

Oh! Thank you!
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