Black Oak Media

I just submitted three items to Black Oak Media: Independent Art and Culture of Middle America. They are a quarterly publication out of Macomb, Illinois. Wish me luck!


Me: Almost 43

How is this look achieved?, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

No makeup, early morning still not awake, no caffeine, no glasses = glazed, faraway look.

Plus Photoshop: blemishes cloned away, luminosity layer to even out skintone. Sepia layer over colored layer with sepia cutout at eyes and with an erasure opacity over mouth.

So, I'll be 43 in 15 days. Huh. In some ways it seems like my life is just beginning. I have my artwork, my son is a senior in High School. In other ways, however, I am a supporter of the medieval lifespan. Life is hard and I am just one small cog in the wheel of humanity. I try to make my life count for something. But the more I try, the more I see how human (faulty) I actually am. I am just not that good, not that special, not that important. So, I plug away and do what I can - which to be perfectly honest isn't much. But what is the alternative.

"It's be best time of your life, if you only knew it."


Ellwood Art Show 2010

Ellwood Art Show 2010, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

A very successful show! Thank you to all who stopped by my booth.

I remember the first show I had, I was so nervous! Now, after just 3 under my belt, it is much easier. I know the tent arrangement and I know what pre-planning will really help out. I still have much room for improvement. My plan, though, is to just go slow and steady. I have enough to purchase more paper and woodblock now. This always should be fun and not a chore, so I don't think I'll be adding anymore shows for awhile.

Just two more shows this year!

Midwest Museum of Natural History:
July 17th - Sycamore, IL

Bliss Bead Studio and Gallery
July 19th - August 4th - DeKalb, IL
July 22nd - Opening Reception 6-9 pm

Nik Garvoille chose "Blue Heron" as the cover for KNOCK Magazine, a literary arts magazine in Door County, Wisconsin. I can't wait to go up there in just two weeks(!) and get an issue of my own. If any of you are in the area, there will be a opening reception at Plum Bottom Pottery on Thursday, July 15th at 6 pm. It is catered with asian foods & wine. There will be readings and original art from the issue on display. More information is available here.