Mr. Anderson's Magnolia

Mr. Anderson's Magnolia, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

This poor print. I've been trying and trying. I just wasted sheet after precious sheet of sekishu paper. It was a new paper for me and I do love it. It is thin and translucent, but strong. I think I found a new favorite paper. Finally I have Mr. Anderson's Magnolia just the way I pictured it from the beginning. It has only taken 3 months! LOL! Here was it's first version.

I had created multiple blocks for the different colors, but did not use them in the final version. I prefer the softness of hand painting with watercolors. Again, I need to learn moku hanga techniques to achieve this softness in a print form. On screen the print looks as if it was done in black, but it is really a dark sepia.

It ended up being an edition of just 4. One was sold at the Bliss Bead show. One is being delivered to Plum Bottom Gallery next week (along with some other prints) and one will be used for the Kishwaukee College Gallery Show in November of this year.

That is the latest news! Al and I will be having a show at the Kishwaukee College Gallery in November entitled: "cricket & sparrow." It is a joint exhibition of prints and drawings discovering and responding to the visceral qualities of our natural world.

Here my artist statement:

"Beauty can be found in the simple natural forms around us. Organic shapes, colors and textures are harnessed using design elements to guide the viewer to see the energy and life hidden within. In this way, the seldom noticed details of the natural world become elevated to the sacred."

"Pattern, texture, and energy are my primary intent, not realistic depiction. I use personal life experiences, memories, and stories as my inspiration. Each piece is representative of thoughtful reflection. The intricate style of the work leads to meditation which aids in correlating natural law with current personal, political, or social events. This process results in a deeper meaning found within the specific time and place captured in the digital reference photos that I take. "

It seems as if my artist statement is being pared down and streamlined. I like that I am more specific about what it is that I'm trying to accomplish. It is so difficult to put instinctive reactions and emotions into words that others can empathize with. Over the years the paragraphs are describing my work more accurately.

Enough about me! I hope all is well with you. Drop me a note when you get a chance.

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starkeyart said...

Hi Erin. The print looks great! I have a few magnolia photos I have been wanting to tackle as prints and I'm afraid. You're giving me some courage to make it the next print. They are so beautiful it's a little intimidating to take it on. I am right there with you on the Sekishu...don't you love how silky it is? If I'm not doing a reduction print, I'll do my tests on anything I have laying around before I go to it out of fear of wasting any - newsprint, parchment paper and even copier paper.

So cool about the show with you and Al! I look forward to seeing the pictures from it. I really like what you've done with your artist's statement. I'm at the same place you are (big surprise) trying to pare mine down. What a struggle with so much to say!

Take Care,